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Rebel with Four Paws

My Dog is a Conehead

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Meet my new dog, Jasmine. I just got her about two weeks ago from the local animal shelter. She’s a Golden Retriever mix. Everyone seems to agree on the Golden part, no one seems to know what the rest is. Guesses so far include Lab, Husky, and Springer Spaniel.
If you were sitting next to her right now, you’d be getting an up close and personal view of that big pink nose. She likes the loving and wants to be very close to people, ideally laying on your actual feet.
Jasmine is sporting that Count Dogula collar because she stuck her head under my chain link fence trying to get at a stray dog that was barking at hear. Yanking her head back through, she caught on the bottom wire and gave herself a nasty, two inch gash on the inside of her ear which required stitches.
“Ah,” said my friend, Anne, wisely, when I related this story. “It’s the Lab in her. They get into everything.”
“Ah,” said my friend, Nina, wisely, when I related this story. “It’s the Husky in her. They like to guard their territory.”
I can see that any non-Golden Retrieverish behavior is going to be blamed on her Other side, but, hey, maybe it’s actually the Golden Retriever in her. Maybe she’s a nonconformist Golden. It could happen.


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Bi-polar tarot card reader and amateur detective Warren Ritter explains how to match doughnuts to your mood:

Everybody knows the rules: Maple [bars] are for depression, coconut is for focus, and bran muffins are for the idiots who think that eating 350 calories in a sitting makes you healthy.

–David Skibbins, “The Star”

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