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One of the tattoos profiled on Contrariwise. Shakespeare, Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter, Tolkien, and Kurt Vonnegut all seem to be very popular.

The following exchanged amused me to no end. One of the librarians to the Arnorian Library Association listserv posted a link and a short description of Contrariwise, a website devoted to literary tattoos–tattoos that are from or reference works of literature.

Greg, a genial, teddy bear of a man who works over at Hobbiton Public Library, posted this response:

“I’ve long been interested in buying temporary text tattoos with individual letters that can be individually placed on knuckles spelling out “R-E-A-D” on one hand and “S-H-H-H” on the other. Please let me know if anyone comes across a likely source.”


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Had about a week off work and since I only have computer access at the University of Arnor, I was Internet-free pretty much the whole time. So what was I doing?

  • I took a one and a half day workshop from a very nice young woman from San Francisco who proceeded to dance our hips off.
  • I performed at the workshop show.
  • I dropped in on Victorian Tea Party fundraiser I helped organize for the University of Arnor Botanical Garden. It went very well, by the way.
  • I took a yoga day class which I normally can’t do because the U. of A. expects me to show up and do this whole work thing during the day. (They’re so unreasonable :-).
  • I drug out my barbeque grill and using the charcoal lighting technique my friend, Lorraine P., showed me proceeded to grill everything in sight. Had a couple of friends over and we roasted both the veggies and ourselves in the hot sun.

Leisure time–I could get used to it.

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