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Not that he wasn’t before, you understand, but his latest creation, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog has simply re-affirmed his standing.  During the Hollywood Writer’s Strike, Joss and a couple of his homies got together and the result is a professional, polished episode that was designed to be broadcast over the ‘Net. Dr. Horrible is vintage Joss–funny, poignant, and thoughtful. Plus, it’s a musical, too. How can you go wrong?

Neil Patrick Harris stars as the wanna-be supervillain Dr. Horrible who secretly pines for Penny (Felicia Day), a sweet girl trying to do good works in an uncaring city. Unfortunately, Dr. Horrible only succeeds in introducing Penny to his nemesis, Captain Hammer, a self-centered superhero played by Nathan Fillion.  To get Penny back, Dr. Horrible plots his revenge–with unexpected results.

After viewing the episode, check out Joss’s explaination of the project here.


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In the spirit of the election year, I, Miss Method, will now provide you with some political information. Brace yourself for the following:

John McCain is a Cylon! This website proves it!! Warning: don’t be drinking anything while reading or you will spit-take all over the screen.

Most of the Net buzz about McCain’s vice-president, Sarah Palin, is either overly laudatory, insulting or offensive. I thought this magazine cover, however, was very funny.

If you want some real help in making your decision this November, then check out Politifact, a joint effort of the St. Petersburg Times and Congressional Quarterly. They check and verify the candidates’ statements and rate them according to degrees of truthfulness. What I especially like is that they tell you how they arrived at their conclusion.

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