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Not to be out done, John McCain summons his own group of zombie supporters.

Okay, who put Election Day so close to Halloween? Somebody had a sense of humor, that’s all I can say. For more funny stuff, check out the video “Partisan Pumpkins Try to Squash Each Other”. Tres amusing!


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Halloween is my very favorite holiday of all time so I thought I’d present you, gentle reader, with some fun Halloween links.

Braaaainsss we need.

Democraticstuff.com has all sorts of amusing special interest buttons including ones for the living dead. In the interest of fairness, I did check out Republicanstuff.com, but unfortunately they just have very vanilla McCain/Palin buttons.

Tom Nardone, the twisted genius behind Extreme Pumpkins, is back with a sequel, Extreme Pumpkins II.  I’ve mentioned his site before, but it’s well worth a visit. The 2008 Pumpkin Carving Contest winners are very …well…”cool” is one word for them. “Demented” would be another.

The only thing worse than cannibal pumpkins is exploding pumpkins. Apparently, heavy rains in the New England area are causing some giant pumpkins to crack up.

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What is it about the library that makes it irresistable to young people in heat?

Today, while trekking across the Periodicals floor on my way to lunch, I came across a young couple lying full length on one of the couches, making out. He was on top with one leg between hers and she was firmly bonded to his face. I should add here that this couch is out in the open in full view of the public and not concealed in any way at all. The two took no notice as I approached. They took no notice as I hove to alongside their “love sofa”. They took no notice as my colleague, Lisa, approached from the opposite side of the floor and met up with me at this juncture of lust and furniture.

I was tempted at this point to whack them repeatedly with the rolled up Time magazines I was carrying, but I settled for saying “Excuse me, but the library doesn’t allow that sort of thing.” Lame and not as satisfying as soaking them with a bucketful of cold water, but it got them to unstick themselves.

This not the first time young lovebirds have chosen to roost in the library.  I once came across a young couple that, for reasons best known to them, decided to lay down and rest spoon-fashion in the aisleway of the stacks, blocking any potential access to the books therein.  People would have had to actually to step on, not over them, to proceed down the stacks. I rousted them both and, since I recognized the girl as a daughter of a colleague, ratted out the young lady to her mother.

At the back of the archives where I work, there are locked double doors, the kind with glass view ports in them. Once upon a time they led to the main staircase, but now they function as fire doors. My colleague, Anne, wasn’t surprised to see a couple come down the stairs–people often get lost–but she became puzzled when they didn’t return back up the stairs.  Looking through the glass, she found them on the floor, making out. The partner on the bottom saw her peering in and the twosome vacated the premises hastily.

Maybe the U. of Arnor Library should take advantage of its apparent popularity among the exhibitionist set and start marketing ourselves as a romance destination.

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