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Scary Santa

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“He knows when you’ve been sleeping/He knows when you’re awake/ He knows when you’ve been bad or good/ So be good for goodness sake ….”
or he’ll crush your house like an eggshell, kid. 🙂

Sure, you can call it kitschy roadside art, if you want. I call it a money-maker for every psychotherapist in the area …..


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Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah, some call me the gangster of love ….. “The Joker”, Steve Miller

Okay, the words “Batman” and “franchise” tend to leave me cold so I paid very little attention to the release of “Batman: The Dark Knight” last year. Frankly, I’m getting tired of film producers re-making the same superhero movies over and over i.e. Batguy grows up and becomes Batguy, Batguy meets the supervillain du jour, Little Batcave on the Prairie–you know what I mean. Why turn up when you have a general idea of how the story is going to go?

So, while I was aware of the buzz about the late Heath Ledger’s performance, it wasn’t until I got a look at the film clips surrounding the recent release of the DVD that I discovered just how powerful his portrayal of the Joker was. All I can say is yowza! Not only is Ledger’s Joker the scariest film villain ever, he is also incredibly charismatic. You simply can’t take your eyes off him when he’s on screen no matter how much you want to. Now that I’m committed to watching the movie on the strength of Heath’s clips alone, I find that I’m a part of a legion of female fans that are fascinated by the Joker.

Rhonda Leigh Jones  has a great analysis of why this grungy, dangerous, badly dressed, straight-from-the-mouth-of-Hell villain has a harem of swooning female fans all over the Net. She postulates that it’s because Ledger’s Joker is a sensual, confidant, and dominant alpha male.  While I agree with many of her reasons why the Joker holds our attention on screen, I think that a big part of the Joker’s appeal is that he is a tortured (anti-) hero. Much like his nemesis, Batman, the Joker is a loner with a lot of emotional pain in his past–the kind of suffering male who could be healed by the love of a good woman (or “group therapy” with a number of bad women :-).  There’s no more powerful aphrodiasic than the power to change another person’s life–or the implication that you have that power.

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‘Cause nothing says holidays like a wizard setting a tree on fire. A photoshopped picture by rabbitooth whose pikkers of Star Trek characters in Victorian wear are also worth a gander.

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