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So, I spent the past couple of days at the Arnor Library Association Conference on the lost island of Numenor. I was trying not to read anything into the fact that my library had me flying out on Friday the 13th to an island best known for its giant bruins. However, I soon learned that it was not the bears that were to be feared, but the squirrels.

Sunday evening I got back to my hotel to discover that there was no phone service to be had. Nada. Nothing. Apparently a squirrel had taken out a transformer and while the electricity had been restored, the land lines had not. It took ’til the next day for us to have working phones again. That’s right, the whole hotel had been rendered incommunicado for twenty-four hours.

What were the squirrels plotting? I don’t know, but I can tell you that Tuesday morning there was a warning on the staff service door that a bear had been seen around the building and that the staff should venture out in twos (one as an appertif and one as the main course or so I’m guessing). Obviously, the squirrels were to cut the electricity and the bears were to move in and feast on the helpless guests.  If you don’t have phone service, no one can hear you scream ….

Fortunately, the Valar look after fools and librarians and the plot was thwarted by a breakdown in interspecies communication. Remember, friends, it’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you .

Watch the trees! Watch the trees!


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