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Resolved today at this morning’s committee meeting:

  • We need minions and should hire some immediately ’cause doing the work ourselves is a definite drawback to most of our projects.
  • We each definitely need a personal toady who can stroke our ego and lip off to people we don’t like.  Think Iago, the mouthy parrot from Disney’s “Aladdin”.
  • Steampunk is cool.
  • Oh, yeah, and some stuff about use statistics as well.

In our own defense, it had been a long holiday weekend, the library was stuffy and we were deprived of caffeine, sleep, sugar, and anti-histamines …


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Boreal Owl in Box

Originally uploaded by dr.Ozda

While myself and several of my colleagues were stuck in a two and a half hour Safety training, my co-worker, dr. Ozda, was snapping pictures of this boreal owl in its nesting box whilst precariously perched on top of a ladder on top of a doghouse. Had there been an OSHA inspector anywhere in the neighborhood, he would certainly have been cited for violating the very safety regulations we were being warned against. And he was still having a better time than we were.

Safety is overrated.

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“I’m not a doctor, but I boink one at home.”–Wife of a doctor as relayed to me by my massage therapist

“It’s one thing to leave work dressed up. It’s another thing to jingle.”–Fellow dancer explaining why it’s difficult to come to dress rehearsal in full Middle Eastern dance costume after work

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At long last, ultimate power has fallen to me! True, it has only taken fourteen long years of faithful service and the temporary absence of most other higher ranking employees with signature authority, but finally I have been named the acting department head. For the next two days. (Never has the term “power vacuum” been more significant ….)

Just had the plumber go tripping through, measuring things and looking at the ceiling tiles in an alarming way. Apparently, they need to run cooling water over to the vault on the opposite side of the floor and they can’t use the water source over there ’cause the water is more pure over here. (Hey, that was my take away from the conversation).  The term “impending disaster” suddenly seems very signficant as well ….

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