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1942 Fourth of July Parade

July 04, 1942 Independence Day parade in New York. Taken by Life magazine photographer, Andreas Feninger. From Life’s on-line photo archives hosted by Google.

Let the bells ring out and the people cheer! June marks the two year anniversary of this blog. Can’t believe it myself. Time goes by so quickly. Frankly, I don’t know what I’d do without blogging now. The notion that my wisdom can be instanteously shared with the world is just so addictive.

Thank you, gentle readers, for stopping by and I hope being both amused and informed by my posts. So what is the appropriate gift for a second blogiversary? Paper? Plastic? Binary code?


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After watching a bunch of us, myself included, wobbling around in Tree Pose, I was inspired to pen the following. If you don’t know, Tree Pose is a yoga balance posture. You stand on one foot with the other leg raised and then lift your arms up. The theory is that by keeping your core tight, you can balance on one leg flamingo-style forever. This theory has been disproved by my class every evening so far, but yoga teachers are optimistic folks.

The ultimate Zen question—

If a group of students in Tree Pose fall over in yoga class,

Do they make a sound?

Miss Method: not afraid to drive the Information Highway with an expired poetic license.

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I took off a week from work at the beginning of June specifically to get my plantings in. The growing season is so short here that if you don’t put your plants out immediately after June 1st you just needn’t bother. I’m pleased to report that I accomplished the following the during my mini-vacation:

  • Planted six large containers with about a hundred dollars worth of flowers (about $15 per container)
  • Bought six bags of locally produced fertilizer (the locally produced compost not being ready yet)
  • Received two flats of scrounged plants that a friend of mine rescued from the garbage bin at a local greenhouse
  • Visited the  Hobbiton Farmers Market for the first time this season
  • Bought cukes and salad greens which was all that was available at the time. Don’t ask me how the guy selling the cukes got them to mature in the first part of June which is very, very early in our growing season. I’m thinking “deal with the Devil.”
  • Watched “School of Rock” with my 16-year-old nephew who came by my house to hang out.
  • Carefully listened to same nephew explain in detailed length about the alien race he will be playing in the upcoming “Warhammer” RPG tournament.  In my day, we didn’t torture the mundanes in our lives (like our parents) with descriptions of our sf/f hobbies. They just assumed that we were geeky or goofy or both and we assumed that they wouldn’t be interested and couldn’t understand it anyway and both sides were able to live in peace. I miss those days.
  • Returned defective DVD to local mega-chain bookstore and discovered that they have a new returns policy–items must be returned within 14 days. Received store credit anyway so did not share with clerk private opinion that store returns policy was seriously defective.
  • Picked out location for new greenhouse in backyard. Let the ground breaking commence.
  • Excited to see new rosebush coming into bloom for first time. I got this bush as a cutting from a gardener friend of mine just last year.

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I’m taking a hatha yoga class where the instructor encourages us to journal after each pose. I was hot, sweaty, and sprawled on the gym floor when I came face to face with an expired insect and was inspired to scrawl the following poem in my notebook ….

On the floor in yoga class—

a dead fly in permanent sivasana*,

nevermore to buzz another “ohm”.

*sivasana translates as “corpse pose”

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