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Because sometimes we need a good laugh to start the week …..

I rather liked this version as well:

The kicker is that this picture–minus the captions–is a real portrait and a self-portrait at that. The painter and subject is Joseph Ducreux (1735-1802), a French artist. In the 1780s, there was a vogue for doing paintings that captured various expressions. Click here to see another painting of the same guy.


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“The spell-checker on my computer flags the word “doughnuts”,
but not “donuts”.  A sad day for literacy.”

–a postscript to an e-mail that my colleague, Paul, sent out inviting us to partake of doughnuts in his office.  P.P.S. the doughnuts were very good.

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Happy Groundhog Day to those of you who have perky groundhogs in your part of the world. Unfortunately, Groundhog Day is always a bust here in Arnor where furry rodents–along with many Arnorians–are hibernating and torpid until May.  It’s three more months of winter for us regardless.

My colleague, Rose, informs me that Groundhog Day is the day on which Jesus sticks his head out of the tomb and if he sees his shadow, he goes back inside until Easter. Rose claims to have gotten this bit of information from the old Art Linklatter show, “Kids Say the Darndest Things”.  I hadn’t heard this particular explaination before, but now that I have, it will remain burned into my brain for all eternity …..

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