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This is a fake trailer made and posted on YouTube by chadkoon.  I have to say that I would totally go to see this version of “Macbeth”. Somebody e-mail Ridley Scott and tell him we have his next project.


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To celebrate St. Paddy’s Day, I thought I would put together a play list of Irish music videos. At the library conference I attended, one of the presenters talked about how he had put together a Pandora radio station with staff music picks as some el cheapo publicity for his library. I like the idea, but I think that YouTube is, strangely enough, more suited for music than Pandora. With that in mind, let’s kick back, wear some green, and get our Irish on!

Here’s Great Big Sea, one of my favorite folk/rock bands, and The Chieftains doing “Lukey” from the Chieftains’ album, “Fire in the Kitchen”.

Great Big Sea is joined by Russell Crowe and Carbon Leaf at Shamrock Fest 2008. They are singing “Molly Malone”. I love it when the band is rocking and the crowd is rocking out along with them.

I heard this group, The High Kings, on NPR and looked them up on YouTube. They do a very nice–and well enunciated–rendition of “The Rocky Road to Dublin”. This particular song would probably be classed as a patter song and, as such, is usually sung too fast to make the words out.

You can’t do a proper St. Paddy’s Day celebration without The Dubliners. Here’s singer Luke Kelly doing “Murshin Durkin”.

Last, but not least, is a new group–well, new to me. Culann’s Hounds is an Irish punk hoe-down band from San Francisco, CA. They may look Goth and scary, but these folks know how to throw-down Irish-style. Here they are performing “Twin Peaks” from their “Year of the Dog” album. Incidentally, that’s not the secret devil sign they’re giving the camera, that’s the hand shadow dog sign.  These folks also do a great rendition of “Rocky Road to Dublin”. So give Culann’s Hounds a listen and you, too, will say “who let the dogs out?”

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Nothing says “welcome back” like a LOLCat. I’m back in Hobbiton after traveling to Gondor last week for the Arnor Library Association conference. Great conference, got to hang with my peeps and was jazzed up by an excellent slate of guest speakers. Now back at the old salt mine, slowly excavating the pile on my desk.

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