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This is the 3rd birthday of “If This Be Method …” and no one–other than hikers tripping over wood frogs–are more surprised than me to see that this blog has endured this long.

Many thanks to my library for giving me work time (via Learning 2.0) to check out this whole blog thing. And many thanks to my talented colleagues who make the good days better and the bad days bearable.

No wood frogs were licked in the making of this post ….. 🙂


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I wasn’t texting while riding, but on my first day back after two lovely weeks off from work, what do I do? I trip over a piece of pavement that I’ve walked over a hundred–nay, a million–times. I caught myself with my hands and while one landed on the ground and thus was fine, the heel of my right hand whacked hard against the side of the walkway. End result: an impressive bruise and a painful dominant hand. You’d be surprised how much you use your dominant hand. More ice and ibuprofen for me. I would think that the gods were telling me to stay home if I didn’t know that most accidents happen there.

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