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The most exciting thing that can happen to a reader is to find a new author they haven’t read yet. That happened to me recently when I picked up a copy of Craig Johnson’s mystery novel, “Junkyard Dogs”. I was so taken with his characters and with the Wyoming setting that I immediately had to go out and buy the rest of the series.

Briefly, Johnson’s series follows the adventures of Sheriff Walt Longmire, the longterm and long-suffering lawman of the fictional Absaroka County, and his band of deputies as they attempt to keep order among the good and sometimes bad citizens of Northern Wyoming. Johnson’s mysteries are good puzzles and humorous, but they are also serious meditations on the problems, both environmental and social, of the West. His latest installment, “Hell Is Empty”, is probably the best book of the series to date. “Junkyard Dogs” is probably the funniest. However, if you want to read them in order, you will need to start with “The Cold Dish”, the first book in the series.

To find out more about Walt Longmire and his creator, check out Johnson’s website here. Under “Books”, you will find both a synopsis of each book as well as a short interview with the author about that particular story. Under “Media”, you will find a profile of the author and several interviews. The video ones are especially worth watching.


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Sometimes Mondays need a little kickstart so here’s a laugh to get us going. And, in other news, happy 4th anniversary to this blog.  Still modestly melodramatic after all this time …. 🙂

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