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Halloween is coming up and I got the idea to put together a fun YouTube playlist that expressed the feeling of the holiday. Here are my picks:

This version of the “Monster Mash” done with Lego figures is both a nice rendition of this novelty hit and a tribute to Bobby “Boris” Pickett who did the song.

Take it from Ray Stevens: the dead can sit up by themselves.

You’ll probably need a stiff drink after that so take a swig of Love Potion No. 9. The manufacturer is not responsible for customers snogging police officers on 51st and Vine or the jail term that is likely to follow.

Speaking of jail terms, Johnny Cash sings the murder ballad “Delia’s Gone”. Johnny often picked songs that have a dark theme to them which is one of the reasons that I like his music.

Bringing us back to the lighter side, here’s Those Darn Accordions doing their rendition of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. If you’ve needed any convincing that accordions are the devil’s instrument, this video will remove all doubt.


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My colleague, Paul, and I geeking out at the reference desk. If you saw the Council of Elrond scene in the first “Lord of Rings” movie, this conversation makes perfect sense. If you didn’t, it’s a fan thing.

Me: So, you’ve been chosen to take the report to the Library Council.

Paul: One does not just walk into the Library Council.

Me: Not with 10,000 men could you do that.

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Well, it had to happen: the two biggest shopping seasons of the fall and winter have finally been merged together by an intrepid retailer. In a local JoAnn’s this Labor Day weekend, I saw, I kid you not, an artificial evergreen decorated with witch’s boot and hat ornaments and being scaled by three humongous black tarantulas. Yes, Halloween and Christmas have become—Hallowmas. Hallowmas, that scariest season of all, when jolly old St. Jack O’Lantern rises from his pumpkin patch and flies over the world, bringing presents to all the bad children. Children who have been too good during the year are devoured by his eight gigantic spiders. Yes, it’s the “Nightmare Before Christmas” all over again, minus the feel good ending.

May God have mercy on our pocketbooks.

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