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Every day is an opportunity for further education and thanks to various forms of media, I’ve learned several new words which I’d thought I’d share with you.

Dark Archives: Soon to be a major motion picture with Johnny Depp as the Librarian ….No, not really, but you have to admit that “Dark Archives” would be a great movie title. Actually, I heard the term used in a digital preservation webinar I was attending. “Dark archives” refers to a digital archive that only one person, typically the administrator of the database, or very few people have access to. A dark archive is an anathema to librarians who prefer many people to have access to our documents.

Car Diving: As seen on the front page of the Hobbiton Herald. “Car diving” refers to cars that drive through large puddles of water at high speed throwing up tsunami-like waves onto passing pedestrians and on-coming traffic.

Panty Hamster: As heard on the TV sitcom, “Don’t Trust the B____in Apt. 23”.  “Panty hamster” is apparently slang for …uh…female genitalia. The sitcom in question, despite its odd name, was surprisingly entertaining although why the producers would shy away from using the “B” word in the title and yet include “panty hamster” in their script is one of those little vagaries of life.


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“We rise again.”–sign in front of a seasonal food trailer that specializes in baked goods.

“Breaking up is easy to do with our muck boots.”–sign on the side of feed store advertising its rubber books suitable for Hobbiton’s wet and muddy spring.

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Steve, the morning shuttle bus driver, usually spins a CD, sometimes history, sometimes an audiobook, for the amusement of himself and the passengers. This morning he was playing a neat music CD called “Nordic Strings” and having a conversation with the passenger behind him about it.

Passenger: (as we pull up to our stop) “So, Steve, where do you find all this cool music?”

Steve: “Found it in Fred Meyers with a sticker that said ‘Cheaper Than Food–$2.00’.”

The bus explodes with laughter.

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We’re not two days into the new week and already I feel the need to post humorous pictures. I’m blaming it on spring fever.

I’m having tiny grass dreams myself.

Overexposure to popular culture is a terrible thing. Entertaining, yes, but very, very terrible.

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