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Sasha Roiz as Capt. Sean Renard in NBC’s Grimm.

Some of Adalind’s spell juice (“Obsession for Grimms”) must have worn off on me because I just made my first captioned photo with Big Huge Labs LOLCat generator. I know, I know. I’m incredibly late to the meme, but cut me some slack. I’m a late adopter.


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“He’s handsome, charming, and a bastard. Literally.” Sasha Roiz as Capt. Sean Renard (NBC’s Grimm). Fan art by @HardRobots.

Is it wrong of me to admit that I heart evil Capt. Renard on NBC’s urban fantasy show, Grimm?  I’ve been following Grimm since it’s first season because a) I like the show’s premise which uses iconic Grimm Brothers’ characters such as Little Red Riding Hood to tell modern stories, b) they use a lot of German in the show which is very cool for someone of German ancestry such as myself, c) they give a big shout out to German folklore which, although central to Western culture, doesn’t get the acknowledgement it should, and d) pretty much the entire male cast can be classified as “hotties”.

The mysterious Capt. Renard is especially tasty, however. We’ve known that he’s had a DARK SECRET since Season One, but we’ve only just discovered that he’s an illegitimate son of one of the seven Royal Families, a shadow government that rules or attempts to rule over humans and supernatural creatures alike. A human/hexenbiest (literally “witch-beast”) hybrid, Renard leads a secret life as a Prince ruling over Portland as part of his “canton”. To the outside world, however, especially our hero, Det. Nick Burkhardt (Dave Giuntoli) he is the cool, professional, and politically adept police captain that Nick reports to.

However, after awakening Nick’s fiancee, Juliette, from her spell-induced coma with a kiss, both Renard and Juliette have become attracted to each other. Renard, in particular, is having obsessive thoughts about his subordinate’s main squeeze which could blow his cover for good. I have commemorated Renard’s dilemma in the following rhyme:

The Captain is part Hexenbiest

On Juliette he’d like to feast

But if Nick’s fiancee should he get

The balance of power will be upset.

Thank you, thank you. I’m here all week.

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