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In the midst of the turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri, one rock of calm remains: the Ferguson Public Library. Librarian Scott Bonner and his staff have remained open, providing classes, regular library services, and sometimes emotional support for community members. Read the whole story here.


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Found two great clips on YouTube about Shakespeare’s Richard II that I had to share. The first is the deposition scene with Fiona Shaw playing the role of King Richard. Although it is more common now to have women play the male roles in Shakespeare’s plays, at the time, Shaw’s casting was considered quite controversial. I think that having a woman play King Richard gives the role much more resonance especially when you consider that, in Tudor times, the play was considered to be a commentary on Elizabeth I’s reign.

The second is this music video made with clips from The Hollow Crown and set to Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” which I thought was just fun.


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The following joke was taped to one of the public computer stations:

Dog trainer: I’m sorry to break the bad news, but you have a dumb dog.

Dog owner: How do you know?

Dog trainer: He chases parked cars.

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