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I really don’t need any proof that I’m tragically un-hip, but if I did, it would be right here: I learned about the hottest Latin song sweeping the nation from the “Guardian” website. The song is “Despacito” (check it out below).

Luis Fonsi, who is Puerto Rican, translates the song’s lyrics from Spanish to English and talks about his inspiration for the song in the below article from “Huffington Post”:



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My colleague Marie: “Did you see that protesters climbed over the fence at Donald  Trump’s club in New Jersey and cut down some trees?”

Me: (disapprovingly) “Ooooo.”

Marie: “They are going to reboot ‘Dynasty'”.

Me: (also disapprovingly) “Ooooo.”

Marie: “I know, they’re pretty much the same, aren’t they?”

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