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Okay, it’s not Halloween yet, but in every way that matters autumn has come to Arnor. The geese and cranes are migrating, the leaves have turned gold and are starting to fall, the evening darkness falls sooner and lasts longer, the harvest is starting to come in, the fog settles in until the sun burns it off ….In short, a perfect time to enjoy a few Halloween-related songs.

Starting us off is the theme song, “This is Halloween”,  from Tim Burton’s claymation musical Nightmare Before Christmas. The marching beat is particularly fun.


Following that is the mashup between the opening songs of “Hamilton” and “Sweeney Todd”. Yes, prepare yourself for “Hamiltodd”.

What, er, kills me about “Hamiltodd” is how much the cast of Hamilton enjoys rapping the story of Sweeney–and cutting throats.


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As I was driving in to work yesterday, I passed a grey Jeep that had the upper half of a zombie attached to its front bumper. Best. Halloween. Decoration. Ever.

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I dropped by the local Spirit Halloween store over the weekend and had the unusual experience of being in a retail shop that was actually scarier than the props it was selling. Spirit Halloween is a seasonal outfit in Hobbiton and they usually occupy one storefront or another for about two months until Halloween is over. Last year, they were in an innocuous location. This year, however, they moved and the new digs are half-lit, unfinished, and give every impression of being the deserted warehouse that the hero is lured into before the horrible monster is set on him. The staff seem to be feeling the vibe as well because they had put a Spirit Halloween apron on one of the little girl zombies from the The Walking Dead.

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House Dracula Sigil

I was having some fun with the Game of Thrones Sigil Generator and came up with the above. Try it yourself here.

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For librarians and archivists, the scariest part of the first Lord of Rings movie was not the Nazgul, the orcs, the Balrog, or the Eye of Sauron. It was Gandalf threatening the longevity of priceless, one-of-a-kind documents by holding them next to open flames and eating and drinking while reading them. One little mishap and–poof–Isildur’s account of the finding of the Ring of Power would be lost forever.

I’m not letting the Steward of Gondor off the hook here either. Notice that the archives is completely disorganized. My fingers just itch to get in there and start straightening the place up. You can file that under “you know that you’re an archivist when …” :-). Notice also how the archives seems to be at the lowest level of the building, leaving it open to water damage, which goes to show that even in Middle Earth some realities of archival architecture remain the same.

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The moment I saw Corb Lund’s new music video, “Dig, Gravedigger, Dig”, I knew that I wanted to include it on my next Halloween-themed jukebox.

Amanda Seyfried covers “Little Red Riding Hood” originally made popular by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs. I like her quieter, guitar-driven version.

What would Halloween be without a murder ballad? There have been many versions of “Pretty Polly”. This one is by the group Vandaveer.  There’s more information about the making of this music video on their YouTube site.

The weather forecast for Halloween? Well, there’s a “Bad Moon Rising” for a start. Also, a bathroom on the right, but that’s another story.

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In honor of both The Tudors and Halloween, I present the following music video:

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