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Sometimes Mondays need a little kickstart so here’s a laugh to get us going. And, in other news, happy 4th anniversary to this blog.  Still modestly melodramatic after all this time …. 🙂


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Okay, it’s only Wednesday, but I thought we could use an amusing photo to cheer us up.  And in keeping with the Halloween theme, too ….. 🙂

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Nothing says “welcome back” like a LOLCat. I’m back in Hobbiton after traveling to Gondor last week for the Arnor Library Association conference. Great conference, got to hang with my peeps and was jazzed up by an excellent slate of guest speakers. Now back at the old salt mine, slowly excavating the pile on my desk.

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Here’s a few favorites I’ve been holding back. Friday the 13th seemed an opportune time to share them. Enjoy!


Finally, the truth about Batman ….

Claws Out

I want to get this picture made into a name tag and wear it at work …..

Smokey the Bear

Always wondered what old Smokey was doing out in the woods with a shovel. Now we know. If you should go into the woods today, you better go in disguise ….

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At long last, ultimate power has fallen to me! True, it has only taken fourteen long years of faithful service and the temporary absence of most other higher ranking employees with signature authority, but finally I have been named the acting department head. For the next two days. (Never has the term “power vacuum” been more significant ….)

Just had the plumber go tripping through, measuring things and looking at the ceiling tiles in an alarming way. Apparently, they need to run cooling water over to the vault on the opposite side of the floor and they can’t use the water source over there ’cause the water is more pure over here. (Hey, that was my take away from the conversation).  The term “impending disaster” suddenly seems very signficant as well ….

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I was down and out with a nasty sinus infection that turned into bronchitis so I wasn’t able to post ’til now. Here’s a few LOL cat pictures I’ve been saving up:

The Strange Incident of the Dog in the Night Time–Solved:

Holmes: Then there’s the strange incident of the dog in the night time.

Watson: But the dog did nothing in the night time.

Holmes: That’s the strange incident.

–Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, “Silver Blaze”

And, further proof (if any was needed) of why cats will never run the Iditarod–trouble keeping the booties on:

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Here’s a set of LOL pictures that amuse me because Fridays are no time to be serious.


Some days you just shouldn’t show up for at work at all ….


He who fights and runs away doesn’t wind up on the grill ….


Sax: unsafe at any note.


This would be me during yoga class. Help! I’ve extended and I can’t get up ….

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