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If you just can’t get enough of LOL Cats–and honestly, who can?–then you’ll enjoy this slideshow on Slate.com written by Michael Agger. He talks about the LOL Cat phenomenon, interviews Cheezburger, the moderator of “I Can Haz Cheezburger”, a LOL Cat mega site, and even follows the tale of the LOLrus and his lost bucket.

Here’s an article from the New York Times on book scavengers–people who troll the trash looking for books that people have thrown away and then resell them, either on their own as sidewalk peddlers or to the Strand, a used book store.

In Hobbiton, used books can’t go into the trash and stay there unless they are a) badly damaged in some way or b) disguised as something else. Snagging used items from the trash is a contact sport and people play to win. Show up at the dumpster with something that still looks vaguely useful and other people will happily unload your car for you–possibly before you’ve gotten the trunk fully open. Of course, our passion for recycled goods has less to do with ecology and more to do with economy (as in stretching every last dollar).


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