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I’ve been down for the past five days with a nasty sinus infection so I’ve had the opportunity to watch repeated trailers for the disaster flick “2012” while on serious antibiotics. The idea that the world will end in 2012 due to a Mayan prophecy wasn’t as unbelieveable as the idea that the government will have the foresight to build ships for the survivors. Get serious. We are talking the same government that can’t agree on a health care reform or on the best way to regulate Wall Street, but somehow they have an apocalypse preparedness plan? Now that is fiction.


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“Artificial mystery flavor.”

–Written on a label on a post-dinner, complimentary lollilop offered up by a local Japanese restaurant that I was eating at last night. The mystery flavor turned out to be coconut.

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1942 Fourth of July Parade

July 04, 1942 Independence Day parade in New York. Taken by Life magazine photographer, Andreas Feninger. From Life’s on-line photo archives hosted by Google.

Let the bells ring out and the people cheer! June marks the two year anniversary of this blog. Can’t believe it myself. Time goes by so quickly. Frankly, I don’t know what I’d do without blogging now. The notion that my wisdom can be instanteously shared with the world is just so addictive.

Thank you, gentle readers, for stopping by and I hope being both amused and informed by my posts. So what is the appropriate gift for a second blogiversary? Paper? Plastic? Binary code?

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This is the kind of news story journalists just can’t get enough of–mostly because it allows us to make a number of bad puns. And I’m no exception :-). Christian Science Monitor reports that “sticky-fingered thieves” (my phrase) are snitching used cooking oil from restaurant storage bins and reselling it to biofuel plants, cutting in on the business of legitimate contractors. Naturally, there are some “greasy” lawyers willing to defend the perpetrators. Apparently, the question of who owns used cooking oil is a “slippery” area of the law.

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      My assistant, Curtis, and I showed up for work wearing the same colors recently. Yesterday, we were both out sick at the same time. The truly frightening part is that we haven’t been working together that long. Another two or three years and we’ll start turning into one another …
      Speaking of scary scenarios, this is the way the world will end according to Hollywood . But let’s be honest: if the Devil resembles Gabriel Byrne, I am totally signing up with the Prince of Darkness.
       And if you really want to be put off your feed for the rest of the day, check out this little health newsletter that the University of Arnor sends out to us. It’s supposed to be a way to get you to link fruits and vegetables with the health benefits they are good for by associating them with the appropriate body parts. I, for one, will never be able to eat figs again without thinking of this chart …..

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If you just can’t get enough of LOL Cats–and honestly, who can?–then you’ll enjoy this slideshow on Slate.com written by Michael Agger. He talks about the LOL Cat phenomenon, interviews Cheezburger, the moderator of “I Can Haz Cheezburger”, a LOL Cat mega site, and even follows the tale of the LOLrus and his lost bucket.

Here’s an article from the New York Times on book scavengers–people who troll the trash looking for books that people have thrown away and then resell them, either on their own as sidewalk peddlers or to the Strand, a used book store.

In Hobbiton, used books can’t go into the trash and stay there unless they are a) badly damaged in some way or b) disguised as something else. Snagging used items from the trash is a contact sport and people play to win. Show up at the dumpster with something that still looks vaguely useful and other people will happily unload your car for you–possibly before you’ve gotten the trunk fully open. Of course, our passion for recycled goods has less to do with ecology and more to do with economy (as in stretching every last dollar).

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Day of the Dead Skull photo by Green Thumbs (Flickr). Skull lights up and sings “I Ain’t Got No Body”. Yeah, I know. Sick. 🙂


Too late for this year, but just in time to give you ideas about next year’s Halloween is this book by Tom Nardone. To find out what really scares the bejezus out of the author, click here.

Of course, you’re also going to want this really cool, cross-stitched sweatshirt. She got the pattern from here.

Finally, what has to be the cutest LOL Cats picture of all time:


Just let the “Awwww” come out. You know you want to. I won’t tell.

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