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Nothing makes you feel as junior-high-jealous as when another woman has your man, even a man who totally didn’t know that he was yours to begin with.

Let’s be upfront here: Tom Hiddleston and I were never exclusive. I was always going to see other actors; he had his harem of female Twitter fans. We were true to each other in a communal, non-binding sort of way.

Then Tom had the nerve to fall for an actual available female just because she was bright, gifted, beautiful, and funny. Tom, you fool, how could you jeopardize all we had that way?

Now TayTay and I had a deal: she was welcome to date all the other singers and actors that I didn’t know and didn’t care about. All I asked was that she leave a few–ideally the British ones–for the rest of us. I can’t fault Taylor for crushing on Tom. I mean, the guy is tall, handsome, talented, and has a great sense of humor. Together Tom and Taylor could have produced a bevy of genetically perfect children, proving that America and Britain really do have a Special Relationship.

Still, even as I fantasized about pulling Taylor’s cute blond braids, I knew in my heart their love couldn’t last. Hint: any time the press comes up with a cutesy nickname for the couple *coughHiddleswiftcough* you know that the Relationship Apocalypse is nigh. And, sure enough, today the Internet and I received word that the duo is quits.

Welcome back to our virtual arms, Tom! And farewell, Taylor–player’s got to play, play, play. And we and the Internet are just going to shake it off, shake it off.



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george carlin

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In this May 28, 2012 BBC Newsnight interview, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Rylance, and historian Simon Schama discuss Shakespeare’s history plays and their parallels with the modern political scene. Short clips from this interview have been put up here and there, but I was happy to finally track down the longer interview.

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Tom Hiddleston Love

And a very Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

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I had a video of the cast and crew of the Donmar Warehouse’s recent production of “Coriolanus” talking about how they put the stage show together. Unfortunately, the video has been taken down, but–good news!–the staff of the Donmar has a 37-page, behind-the-scenes booklet they have put together which is available for browsing on-line or download from their website. Here’s a direct link to their booklet. The guide covers the historical period in when the play is set and the process of the cast and crew as they put the play together.  Lots of good material here for teachers or just folks who are fans of the Bard.

Update: I have found the video again, this time with Spanish captions. Here’s the link.

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If you haven’t already seen “The Desolation of Smaug”, I highly recommend getting yourself to a movie theater and watching it. I saw it with a friend of mine this past weekend and it was all kinds of excellent. Failing that, you can watch the following three videos.

First up is a fun video of three of the elves–Evangeline Lilly (Tauriel), Orlando Bloom (Legolas), and Lee Pace (Thranduil)–reacting to a video of two fans (Fili and Kili from OneRing.Net) watching the trailer for “Smaug”. The actors are excited to see the fans excited and it’s really charming.

Unfortunately, neither the actors nor the audience can see what parts of the trailer the fans are reacting to. So here’s video with the fans, the actors, and the trailer altogether.

And since this is the Internet age, here’s a video of the fans reacting to the video of the actors watching them which is even more fun if that’s possible.

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So I picked up a bag of butter-toffee-flavored Cracker Jacks for lunch and inside, instead of a toy surprise, I found a little paper inviting me to “download fun, authentic prizes to your smartphone at crackerjackapp.com”.  Mere words cannot express how wrong this is. Mark me, people, this is how Western civilization ends–not with a bang, but with an app.

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